Dog Park Necessities

There is one big thing about having a five-month old puppy… they ALWAYS seem to have energy. It takes a lot of play time to get Duncan tired, and the simplest solution we have discovered is the dog park. This allows him to exhaust himself in about 30 minutes to an hour, which is a fantastic thing. When it comes to Duncan, the saying “A tired dog, is a good dog” definitely applies. During our dog trip visits, I have discovered a couple very important things to bring.


Here is Duncan being a good, clean dog….


…and here is Duncan after discovering mud puddles.

Here is my list of dog park essentials:

  1. Leash
  2. Dog treats (to get your pup’s attention or to help with training)
  3. Tennis ball or a throwable toy
    1. WARNING: I do not recommend taking their favorite toy, Duncan has had quite a few toys snagged by other dogs and destroyed at dog parks
  4. A toy that can float, if there is a water area
  5. Dog shampoo or baby shampoo
  6. Towel
  7. A large cup/small bucket (in case there is only a water spicket and a hose isn’t available)
  8. Travel pack of sanitizing wipes/baby wipes (to wipe paws off before getting in the car)
  9. Water bottle with portable dog bowl, to hydrate your pup 🙂
  10. Phone/camera to capture your little monster going crazy!!!
  11. A spare potty bag or two, in case they ran out.

Please comment below your dog park essentials! 🙂


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