Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Having an almost 6 month old puppy means lots and lots of dog food being consumed… at an astronomical rate! With Duncan it has been a continual struggle to make sure that he doesn’t choke on his food, or eat too fast and throw it up moments later. We quickly learned that a cute, simple dog bowl could not solve our problems. Duncan’s first slow feeder bowl was from the clearance section at Petsmart, it was from the Martha Stewart collection. It had three little “obstacles” in the middle to slow him down a little bit. For 2 new, clueless puppy owners, this was amazing to us and it definitely increased the time it took Duncan to inhale his entire meal. Duncan had gone from consuming his meal in 30 seconds, to about 1 minute… it’s all about baby steps, right? However, I managed to forget it at my Mom’s house one weekend, and panicked. Before I had even arrived back at my apartment, I had ordered the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Bowl off Amazon. The bowl looked a little intense, but I am a dog parent who is afraid of anything happening, including bloat. Thanks to Prime shipping, I received the bowl 2 days later and was ready to put it to use. OMG, it was way better than anything I could have ever expected. We have been using the bowl for around 2 weeks now, and it takes Duncan almost 10 minutes to eat his entire meal!!! An added bonus is how humorous it is to watch Duncan eat out of this bowl, the last few pieces go round and round before he is finally able to grab them. His tongue will catapult individual pieces out of the bowl and he scrambles to chase down the single piece. I seriously can not recommend this bowl enough, it has worked wonders for us and Duncan 🙂


Duncan about to eat out of his Fun Feeder bowl for the first time 🙂

Please comment below the methods y’all use to slow down your pup’s eating!


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