Owning a dog brings exciting life experiences: watching them walk up the stairs for the first time, giving them their first bath, and letting them try their first puppuccino from Starbucks. Duncan had a lot of stomach digestive issues when we initially got him, and they lasted well over 2 months. He was up at least every hour or two during the night, needing to go out! It was quite a nightmare. Thankfully, now his stomach has stabilized and we decided it was finally time to take the boys to get their first puppuccinos!  They were already excited when they got in the car, and they had no idea there was an end prize. Once we got to Starbucks, we ordered drinks for the humans and asked for the puppuccinos. Important thing to know, you need to have “proof of pup” when you are ordering a puppuccino, so make sure your furriends are in the car when you go. We were excited that they were willing to give both dogs a puppuccino of their own 🙂 To say they loved these little cups of whipped cream would be an understatement, Duncan was licking so fast whipped cream was going everywhere. These little pup-friendly Starbucks treats are a must for your pup!


Please share you and your pup’s puppuccino experiences below 🙂 If you know of establishments that offer other pup treats, let us know! The boys are always ready to taste test and provide a review!


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